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brow 15
lip + brow 23
chin or lip 10
sides of face 15
face 45
neck 15
full leg (includes feet)
upper leg 45
lower leg (includes feet) 40
hands or feet 10
full arm 40
lower arm 30
underarm 20+
back 50
lower back 20
back + shoulder 60
bikini 35+
brazilian bikini 60

To achieve superior hair removal, we use a non-wax hair removal system called Nufree. It was originally formulated over 30 years ago to allow plastic surgeons to remove a patient’s body hair before surgery. Nufree is a botanical product which is soy based, causes less irritation and redness than waxing, and does not stick to the skin. As a general rule, hair must be at least ¼ inch long (about 1½ -2 weeks growth) for proper hair removal.

Please note that all listed prices are base prices.


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